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Baby Sleep Tools

Tools Recommended by our Sleep Experts

You'll want to have the best tools by your side when you are navigating the world of baby sleep. With that in mind we put together a list of resources recommended by our experts to help you and your child sleep better night after night. We hope these useful aids can help your family through every stage of sleep.


U.S. Consumer Products Safety

Check out the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission’s safety information for babies and children. You can also use their free search engine of product recalls.



Free Printable Behavior Charts

Recommended by Dr. Erin Leichman

The website is a great place to get free behavior charts for young children. There are some pictures that you can use or rearrange to create your own bedtime chart to make sure it is in the right order for your family.

One of my favorite sections of the website is the “Caught You” or “Caught being good” coupons. With these, you can download pre-made or blank “coupons” that you can give your little one for good behavior.  It’s important to acknowledge when your child is being good, both at bedtime and any time throughout the day.  These coupons are probably best for little ones 3 years or older. Let your little one know ahead of time how he can earn a coupon (choose one to three simple and specific things to start). When you catch your little one doing one of those specific things, like playing gently or following directions, give him a coupon and let him know exactly what he did well. When he gets a coupon he can put it in a jar or tape it to the refrigerator so everyone can see! For some children, simply getting a bunch of coupons along with your congratulations throughout the day will be enough to keep the good behavior going. If not, you can give a small reward (sticker, reading a book together, time doing a favorite activity) in exchange for coupons at the end of the day.

Note that I have not reviewed all content on the site.


Sleep Coaches

Considering hiring a sleep coach?  Learn more about sleep coaches and their training, types of sleep problems they address, and what questions you should ask.  The Society for Behavioral Sleep Medicine  supported development of a guide to help parents.

See the Guide