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Baby sleep books, mobile and web-based tools, tips and tricks, and more...

Sleep Centers


Find Accredited Sleep Centers

The only list of it’s kind! Search by zipcode see our list of AASM accredited sleep centers that specialize in the treatment of young children. Contact professionals at a center near you if you want to check to see if they treat young children.

Books from Our Experts

We hope that these books, along with the advice by the expert on this site, will provide the guidance you need to help your baby, and you, get better sleep.

Technology & Online Resources

Our experts recommend their favorite tools to help you and your child sleep soundly night after night. Find free resources like product safety information, mobile apps, print-at-home behavior charts, helpful questions to ask when considering a sleep coach, and more. Content has been vetted by our experts so you can rest easy. Check back occasionally for more in baby sleep tech.

Tips from our Experts

We hope that these useful hacks can help make sleep times enjoyable for you and your family.

Does your little one stall a bit at bedtime because she wants to pick just the right story? Does she have too many choices – so it seems to take forever? Does she always seem to pick the longest books that she can find? Consider choosing books ahead of time and putting them in the “bedtime book bin.”

Dr. Erin Leichman
Dr. Erin Leichman, Bedtime Book Bin

Those first few nights of sleep training can be hard. When I did sleep training with my little one, I needed a plan to distract myself during those first few nights. I also hear this from a lot of parents and caregivers – and often recommend lining up some distractions that are specifically for when you start sleep training.

Dr. Melisa Moore
Dr. Melisa Moore, Sleep Training: The Distraction Plan

Does your toddler or preschooler wake up too early in the morning? Does he wake up during the night checking to see if it is time to get up for the day or time to crawl into bed with you? You can help your little guy know when it is time to start his day. To do this, try using a good morning light.

Dr. Jodi Mindell
Dr. Jodi Mindell, Good Morning Light

Be honest. How many time does your toddler or preschooler ask you for something at bedtime or after lights out? Five? Ten? Have you stopped counting? Try a bedtime pass.

Dr. Erin Leichman
Dr. Erin Leichman, Bedtime Pass

Pediatric Sleep Research

Get Involved!

Think you would be interested in participating in pediatric sleep research? Check out these ongoing research studies that our experts have recommended or are working on themselves. Your time and your experience could help others find some peace and quiet and sleep through the night. Check to see if you’re eligible.