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Dr. Arthur Teng

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Dr. Arthur Teng

Director of Sleep Medicine
Sydney Children’s Hospital

Conjoint Associate Professor in Paediatrics
University of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia

Dr Arthur Teng is a consultant paediatrician and Director of Sleep Medicine at the Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick. He was Respiratory Fellow and Chief Resident at the then Prince of Wales Children’s Hospital before training with Professor Colin Sullivan at the University of Sydney. Currently he is Conjoint associate Professor in Paediatrics at the University of New South Wales and Clinical Senior Lecturer in the Medical Faculty, University of Tasmania. He is a founding member of the Asia-Pacific Paediatric Sleep Alliance (AAPSA) and was secretary of the Australasian Sleep Association. His clinical and research interests include the neuropsychological impact of sleep disorders in children, parasomnias, infantile obstructive sleep apnea and childhood narcolepsy.

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