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Daniel Y. T. Goh, MD

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Daniel Y. T. Goh, MD

Associate Professor
National University of Singapore
Department of Pediatrics

Senior Consultant
National University Hospital
Department of Pediatrics

Dr. Daniel Goh is Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the National University of Singapore. He is also Senior Consultant at the department of Pediatrics at the National University Hospital, Singapore. He is the Immediate Past-Chair of Pediatrics in the same institution. He is also the Past-President of the ASEAN Pediatric Federation and the Past-President of the Singapore Pediatric Society. He is also the current Chairperson of the Asia Pacific Pediatric Sleep Alliance (APPSA). His clinical interests are in childhood respiratory conditions, childhood sleep, fiberoptic bronchoscopy and vaccinology. His research interests include sleep habits and practices in children across different cultures, sleep-related breathing disorders in children as well as pediatric bronchology.


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