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Catherine Hill, Ph.D., BM, MSc, MRCP, FRCPCH, ES

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Catherine Hill, Ph.D., BM, MSc, MRCP, FRCPCH, ES

Professor of Sleep Medicine
Child Health, Division
Clinical Experimental Sciences

Chair, Faculty of Medicine Ethics Committee
Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Sleep Medicine
Southampton Children’s Hospital
Southampton, United Kingdom

Dr. Cathy Hill is a Professor of Sleep Medicine in Child Health at the University of Southampton and Consultant in Sleep Medicine at Southampton Children’s Hospital in the United Kingdom. She is a certified European Somnologist and leads a multi-disciplinary children’s sleep disorder service which provides secondary and tertiary diagnostic and therapeutic services across the South of England. She has a long-standing interest in education and in the early years of her consultant career was involved in undergraduate curriculum development and the commissioning of a new education center. Teaching remains a focus and she has developed a post-graduate sleep training course for professionals which aims to give pediatricians, child psychologists & psychiatrists and nurses the practical knowledge and skills to manage children’s sleep disorders. She has delivered this multi-professional training in Australia and New Zealand. Dr. Hill’s research interests embrace sleep and neurocognition in both typically developing children and those with developmental disorders. Current and recent research includes as chief investigator for a multi-center study of sleep disordered breathing in young children with Down syndrome and the study of movement disorders in sleep.



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