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Where is it safe for my baby to sleep?

By BabySleepAdmin 1 year ago

Where is it safe for my baby to sleep?

This is an important question for all new parents, particularly as babies spend more time asleep than they do awake in the first months of life.

Comfort is important for your little one but always keep safety in mind too. Cot death (sudden unexplained infant death syndrome) is every parent’s worst nightmare. It is rare but, importantly, the risks can be significantly reduced by giving your baby a safe sleep environment.

What does safe sleeping mean?

· The safest place for your baby to sleep is in their own flat, separate sleep space such as a crib or a bassinet.
· Have your baby sleep next to your bed but not in your bed.
· Avoid excessive bedding – no pillows, duvets, crib bumpers, loose covers or soft toys. A sleep sack can be helpful to keep your baby covered.
· Consider a pacifier at sleep times once feeding is established (avoid fastening to clothing).

· Back to sleep: always place your baby to sleep on their back.

· Aim for a room temperature of 16-20 degrees Celsius.
· Keep your home cigarette smoke free.

For more great information see the Lullaby Trust website How to reduce the risk of SIDS for your baby – The Lullaby Trust and 2022 American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) safe sleep recommendations | Baby Sleep Advice for Parents & Kids

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