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When should he start sleeping in a bed?

By BabySleepAdmin 7 years ago

When should he start sleeping in a bed?

Wait as long as you can! Generally, most children do best when you can wait as long as possible to transition your little one to a toddler bed.  In general, some younger children do just fine to transition to a bed at an earlier point; however, it’s best to wait until he is almost 3 or 3-years-old. Many parents want to know what to do when their toddler starts to climb out of the crib. In some cases the bottom of the crib can be lowered so that the rails are higher and he cannot climb out. Also, make sure to remove any objects in or around the crib that he may be using to help climb out of the crib. Finally, for some little ones, if you can get them before they actually get out of the crib and put them back into the crib before they are able to play or have any fun after climbing out, some little ones stop trying to climb.

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