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What time do little ones wake in the morning?

By BabySleepAdmin 8 years ago

What time do little ones wake in the morning?

In general, if your little one is old enough to sleep through the night, waking up between 6:00 and 7:30 a.m. is typical. If you have a little one who wakes very early, such as 4:00 a.m., go ahead and treat that early morning waking like a night waking. Bring her back to her room, making the interaction as consistent, brief, and boring as possible. If you have a toddler, consider getting an alarm clock that changes color based on time, or putting a nightlight on a timer. You can teach your little one that when the clock is one color (or the nightlight is off) that it is still nighttime and she should stay in her room; however, if it is another color (or when the nightlight turns on) she can call for you and start the day.

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