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How do I help my baby sleep during the coronavirus pandemic?

COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)
By BabySleepAdmin 4 years ago

How do I help my baby sleep during the coronavirus pandemic?

Routine and predictability can help your little one adjust to a new normal.

• Try to do things in the same (or similar) order each day. For instance, if nap time was always after lunch, try to keep nap time after lunch – even if it’s not at the exact same time as before (or even each day).

• Try to keep your child’s morning wake time consistent, even if it’s a newly set wake time. The time a child wakes up in the morning helps set their internal clock for the rest of the day – which will affect things like when your child gets sleepy for naps and when your child is ready for bed at night.

• Hold on to some of the things that always worked to get your little one off to sleep, keeping your little one’s bedtime routine as similar as possible. Even if you are all going to bed a bit later than usual, get that bedtime routine in to help prepare your child for sleep. If you can’t do the exact routine you were doing before, keep some important elements of the routine that usually worked to settle your little one down. This could be a favorite song, cuddle time, or a favorite story. If your little one has a lovey, make sure that she has it at bedtime.



This post was written in the Spring of 2020. Please follow your local guidelines and advice from family health care providers for appropriate, current coronavirus safety measures.

  COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)