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Where should my baby nap?

By BabySleepAdmin 8 years ago

Sarah Honaker

Where should my baby nap?

Many babies will nap best in the place where they sleep at night. Napping “on the go” in strollers or cars can lead to shorter naps, as little ones may wake more easily due to disruption. Older babies also start to become more interested in their surroundings, and are less likely to fall asleep just anywhere. If you notice that your child does in fact nap best at home, it will be helpful to try and structure your day to be home at naptime whenever possible.

That being said, sometimes being out and about is necessary, and can certainly be more fun for the family. If your little one seems to nap well “on the go” and is still also sleeping well at night, you may be in luck and can keep a more flexible schedule. It is still helpful to nap at home at least a few days a week though, so that your child develops the habit of napping in his crib or bed. That way if he becomes less able to nap well “on the go” as he gets older, he will know how to settle down for a nap at home.


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