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Should I use music to help my baby get to sleep?

By BabySleepAdmin 5 years ago

Sarah Honaker

Should I use music to help my baby get to sleep?

Music can be a nice addition to the bedtime routine, especially if it seems to help your little one relax. You can play any type of music that your baby seems to enjoy; there is not a great deal of evidence to suggest that one type of music or sound is best. However, you will want to watch out for music that is overly activating. Interactive songs with clapping and movement are great during the day, but may overexcite your baby at bedtime, when the goal is relaxation.

Once the routine is over and it’s time to put your baby to bed, it is best to turn the music off. Babies who become accustomed to falling asleep to music every night may have a harder time falling back to sleep later in the night, when the music is off. We don’t recommend leaving the music on all night as it may disrupt sleep quality. White noise, on the other hand, provides a consistent sound (i.e., not changing, as music does) and thus should be fine for bedtime and throughout the night.


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