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Should I use a baby monitor?

By BabySleepAdmin 9 years ago

Sonia Rubens

Should I use a baby monitor?

Baby monitors are a great way to keep tabs on your little one while she is asleep. Since all babies (and adults!) wake during the night in between sleep cycles, monitors can also be helpful in letting you know if your baby is just between sleep cycles but is able to fall asleep on her own or if she may need something from mom or dad to ensure she is safe and comfortable. If your child is having a normal waking and will be able to fall back to sleep, then the monitor can help prevent you from disrupting your baby’s normal sleep cycle.

However, there are a few things to be mindful of if you do decide to use a monitor. First, know that monitors can make it harder for you to fall and stay asleep if you are sensitive to even the slightest noises that your baby makes. You also want to make sure that your monitor has the ability to give you the necessary range depending on how far away from your baby’s room you may go within the house. Monitors can also pick up interference from your neighbor’s baby monitor as well as other electronics. Keep in mind, too, that checking on your baby in-person will be the most effective method of ensuring her safety and comfort if you have a concern that something is not right. The monitor is no substitute for the real thing and should not be relied upon as the only method for ensuring safety. That being said, monitors certainly have benefits in allowing you to check in on your baby during the course of her sleep!

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