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Should I put a night light in his room?

By BabySleepAdmin 8 years ago

Should I put a night light in his room?

You can absolutely put a nightlight in your baby’s room. This may be particularly helpful as he grows up and common nighttime fears may develop. When considering a nightlight, first, make sure that it does not involve the use of any electronics. For example, avoid using a smartphone or tablet with a nightlight app as light from electronics can disrupt sleep. Second, make sure that it is a nightlight that can stay on all night to make sure things in his room are the same all night long. You want the conditions (things, sounds, lights, etc.) to be the same where he falls asleep and where he sleeps throughout the night. Last, if you decide to have quiet music with the nightlight, make sure you think about whether or not it can be on all night.

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