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My son has behavior problems. How do I help him sleep?

By BabySleepAdmin 6 years ago

My son has behavior problems. How do I help him sleep?

For little ones that have behavioral difficulty during the day, bedtime can certainly be a challenge. Here are a few things that might help make bedtime a bit easier for you and your family. Be sure to have a consistent bedtime and bedtime routine. If your little one has trouble following directions, using a picture chart of the routine and incorporate some activities within the routine that your child enjoys may also help. Making sure your little one stays in bed can also be a challenge, so you may have to provide some extra positive attention specifically for your little one staying in bed. Some children respond well to having a parent come check on them both to provide some praise for staying in bed, but also so that the child knows that there will be someone there to check to make sure he or she is still in bed. If bedtime and sleep are still challenging for your little one, be sure to check with your pediatrician or behavioral health professional to get some additional and perhaps more individualized strategies for your child.

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