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My baby wakes to feed all night. What can I do?

By BabySleepAdmin 7 years ago

My baby wakes to feed all night. What can I do?

Having a baby that wakes to feed during the night can be very challenging for parents and other caregivers.  Although it may be a natural time for your little one to wake, it’s not a natural time for you to wake – so it can be pretty disruptive. One thing to think about is that after about 6-months-old, a healthy baby does not need to wake and eat from a nutritional standpoint. That said, if they continue to wake during the night after that point and are then fed, it’s probably more of a habit your baby has – needing to be fed to get back to sleep after a natural night waking. Often, when a baby wakes during the night and needs to be fed to get back to sleep, the baby is probably falling asleep while or right after being fed at bedtime. So, a great place to start is at bedtime, making sure your little one can fall asleep on his own at bedtime can help him learn to return to sleep on his own in the middle of the night after natural night wakings.

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