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My baby hates his crib. How can I change that?

By BabySleepAdmin 8 years ago

My baby hates his crib. How can I change that?

One of the biggest myths is that when you put a baby into her crib and she’s crying it’s because she hates her crib. That’s absolutely not true! Babies typically cry at bedtime because they are tired and they want to sleep. Little ones actually really like small spaces, it’s comforting to them! As long as it’s safe and they are not climbing out, we actually recommend keeping them in a crib for sleeping until they’re three-years-old. To help her cry a little bit less at bedtime, try playing or doing a few pleasant activities in her crib during the daytime. For instance, you can hide her favorite toys in the crib and have her find them. This will also help reassure you that she does not cry at night because she does not like her crib but cries instead because she is tired and needs to learn how to fall asleep.

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