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Is it safe to let my baby sleep on his stomach?

By BabySleepAdmin 8 years ago

Is it safe to let my baby sleep on his stomach?

Generally, no. It is not safe. You should always put your baby down to sleep flat on his back on a firm, flat surface. This is true for naps, at bedtime, and after a night waking. Things like soft mattresses or other bedding, pillows, couch cushions, or nursing pillows are not safe for a sleeping baby – this is especially true when he is on his stomach. Know, though, that once your baby can roll over on his own, there is no need to return him to his back during the night. This is especially the case if he can go from his back to his stomach, then return to his back all on his own. If he still needs some practice with this last skill, go ahead and practice with him during the day.

Be sure, too, to remove his swaddle once he shows any signs of rolling over.

Find more information about safe infant sleep in the summarized American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations.



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