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Is it normal for my baby to make noises during sleep?

By BabySleepAdmin 1 year ago

Althea Shelton

Is it normal for my baby to make noises during sleep?

Most sounds that infants make in sleep are normal. The noises can be frequent and sound like smacking, snorting, gurgling, grunting, etc. An infant’s breathing pattern can change at different times while they are asleep, sometimes breathing slowly and other times fast. As an infant matures and grows their breathing pattern during sleep becomes more stable and their respiratory rate decreases. In other words, their breathing becomes a bit more predictable and slower. The amount of sounds they make while they are asleep also decreases.

Know that the noises your baby makes while asleep should not sound distressing. If you are concerned, observe your baby when they are asleep to see if any of these sounds are associated with apparent distress, a change in the baby’s color, or abnormal movements (for instance, if they seem to be working hard to breath or their neck or chest muscles are pulling in more than expected). Familiarize yourself with your baby’s sounds. If their breathing pattern or noises seem different or odd, or if you are concerned for any other reason about the sounds your baby makes during sleep, contact your baby’s pediatrician or health care provider. Be sure to contact emergency services in your area if your baby needs immediate medical attention.

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