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How long is it OK before I check on her at night?

By BabySleepAdmin 6 years ago

How long is it OK before I check on her at night?

Many caregivers want to know long they should let a baby cry before they check on her at bedtime when they’re doing sleep training. Generally, there is no one answer that will work for every family. Research actually shows that a little one will learn to self soothe regardless of how often you check. We also know that there is no evidence that letting a baby cry during sleep training will affect attachment or health. So, when making the decision about how frequently you should check on your baby at bedtime during sleep training, think about what is comfortable for you as a parent or caregiver as well as how your baby reacts to you going in to check. Checking at bedtime can help soothe or settle some little ones but can really upset others. In general, know that checking more often may mean that the overall sleep training process will take a little bit longer. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. That said, if you have a concern about your child’s safety or if you are concerned that something might be wrong, be sure to go in and check on her.

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