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How do I transition my child from a crib to a bed?

By BabySleepAdmin 8 years ago

How do I transition my child from a crib to a bed?

Think about whether or not your little one is ready to go into a bed. Some toddlers simply are not ready for the imaginary boundaries of a bed. We typically recommend waiting until little ones are about 3-years-old before you transition to a bed as long as there are no safety risks related to her being in a crib. Once you think your toddler is ready, introduce her to the bed by starting to do some activities in and around her new bed. Next, start doing some of the bedtime routine into the bed. You can also let your toddler do something fun and have some choice related to the bed like picking out sheets for the new bed.

Also, consider placing the new bed where the crib was so she sleeps in the same spot in the room.

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