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How do I transition him from sleeping in a swing to sleeping in a crib?

By BabySleepAdmin 5 years ago

How do I transition him from sleeping in a swing to sleeping in a crib?

Whenever you want to teach your baby how to sleep through the night in a specific spot (say, the crib), the key is to help him learn to fall asleep there at bedtime – even if it’s just for one moment on his own at bedtime to start. So, even if he wakes up 30 minutes after you put him to bed, you can do whatever it takes to get him (and you) back to sleep as quickly as possible so the whole family can get a bit more sleep. One thing you can do if he is used to falling asleep in the swing, is that you can end your bedtime routine by walking him around and patting his back until he is asleep. You can then put him in the crib once he is asleep. Then, for a few days, end your routine by holding him without walking around. Next, you might put him down in the crib drowsy but awake and pat him until he falls asleep. A few weeks after he is falling asleep on his own in the crib (without even having you in the room), you should see any night wakings go away.

If he still seems to be having trouble staying asleep without being upright, you might want to consult with his health care provider to make sure that he doesn’t have something like reflux that can disrupt his sleep.

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