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How do I know if my little one is overtired?

By BabySleepAdmin 8 years ago

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How do I know if my little one is overtired?

Not getting enough sleep can do more than make little ones groggy. A sleepy baby or toddler, unlike adults who become lethargic, may become grumpy or hyperactive. He may also be fussy, cry, scream, arch his back, make jerky movements with his arms and legs, rub his eyes or nose, and/or yawn. He may even be less coordinated or fall over if he’s old enough to walk.

In general, overtired children may wake at night and/or nap throughout the day. They may cry often, sometimes inconsolably. An overtired little one may be hard to manage during the day. Often, a young child who is overtired will require constant attention and may want to be held continuously; he may also have temper tantrums, refuse to play, and have a short attention span. Feeding overtired children can also be difficult because they may refuse to eat during the day.

Not getting enough sleep can also contribute to other difficulties such as behavior problems, frequent accidents and injuries on the playground and at home. Long-term, not getting enough sleep may lead to memory problems, difficulties concentrating, learning problems, performance problems with slower reaction times, and potentially the long-term development of mood disorders.


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