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How can I help him nap at home like at daycare?

By BabySleepAdmin 8 years ago

How can I help him nap at home like at daycare?

If your little one seems to fall asleep more easily at daycare for naps than he does at home, that possibly means that there are certain things at daycare that set the stage for him to fall asleep. Don’t worry, though, because these things also likely exist at home since he probably falls asleep at bedtime in his own crib. So, think about the things that make your little one sleepy at bedtime, including your bedtime routine. You can try to bring those things into the naptime routine. For instance, closing the curtain, making the room dark and quiet, and perhaps reading a story before naptime may help. With some consistency, your little one will start to associate your naptime routine (which should be similar to your bedtime routine) with falling asleep.

Working toward putting your baby down awake at naptimes so he learns to fall asleep on his own for naps will also help. Finally, be sure to ask your daycare providers what time they give your little one a nap and what they do right before naptime. Incorporating the schedule and some things they do at daycare into your own naptime routine may also help him to nap better at home.

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