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He climbs – how can I keep him in the crib?

By BabySleepAdmin 8 years ago

He climbs – how can I keep him in the crib?

Typically, I recommend keeping your little one in a crib as long as it is safely possible. If your little one has tried to climb out once, it may help to offer a small reward for staying in the crib. Once they’re climbing out consistently, it is not safe. That said, one thing you can do is put a mattress on the floor and a baby gate at the door as a reminder to stay in the room. Another choice is to use what is called a “good morning light.” This is simply a nightlight on a timer that is set to turn on when it is morning time. This is an easy way to show a child that either yes – it is ok to get up and out of your crib and room, or no – it’s not morning time yet. You can give your little one a small reward, such as a few extra minutes of a favorite show, a favorite activity, or whatever else might motivate your child if he stays in his room (or crib – depending on the rule) until the good morning light goes on.

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