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Relationships between sleep and behavioral problems in toddlers

By BabySleepAdmin 15 years ago

Graham J. Reid, Ryan Y. Hong, Terrance J. Wade (2009)

The contribution of sleep problems to emotional and behavioral problems among young children within the context of known risk factors for psychopathology was examined. Data on 2- and 3-year-olds, representative of Canadian children without a chronic illness, from three cross-sectional cohorts of the Canadian National Longitudinal Study of Child and Youth were analysed (n = 2996, 2822, and 3050). The person most knowledgeable (PMK), usually the mother, provided information about her child, herself, and her family. Predictors included: child health status and temperament; parenting and PMK depressive symptomatology; family demographics (e.g., marital status, income) and functioning. Child sleep problems included night waking and bedtime resistance. Both internalizing ⁄ emotional (i.e., anxiety) and externalizing behavioral problems (i.e., hyperactivity, aggression) were examined. Adjusting for other known risk factors, child sleep problems accounted for a small, but significant, independent proportion of the variance in internalizing and externalizing problems.

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