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It’s all about routine: Getting a good night’s sleep

By BabySleepAdmin 9 years ago
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Jodi Mindell

We know that a bedtime routine is a key element of healthy sleep practices.  For years, pediatricians have recommended that all families institute a bedtime routine.  We now have the science behind this recommendation.  Bedtime routines really do help children sleep better.  In a large global study we were surprised to find that less than half of all families have a nightly bedtime routine.  But for those families that do, their children sleep much better.  They fall asleep faster, they wake less often at night, and they get more sleep!  We also found that this relationship between a bedtime routine and a good night’s sleep is “dose-dependent,” meaning that young children sleep better and better for every additional night a week that they have a bedtime routine.  So having a bedtime routine seven nights a week is better than 5 nights a week is better than 3 nights a week!

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