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Improving the sleep of socioeconomically disadvantaged children

By BabySleepAdmin 8 years ago

According to a recent study, an educational brochure outlining a three-step message increased parental sleep knowledge and caregiver intentions to help improve sleep hygiene for their children. Families in the study were socioeconomically disadvantaged.

The messages to families printed in the brochures were to 1) have their children in bed by 9:00 pm, 2) have no electronics in the bedroom, and 3) avoid all caffeine. Children in the study were also given beds through the Beds for Kids program, which helped to promote how long children slept.

Read more about the study and how Sharon M. O’Brien writing for the Clinical Advisor used brochures in her practice as a physician assistant and health coach to highlight the importance of a positive sleep environment. Two of the researches who conducted the original study and campaign, Sleep Well!, are also Pediatric Sleep Council Sleep ExpertsJodi A Mindell and Ariel A. Williamson.

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